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10-year-old Chester County girl's music goes viral on TikTok

10-year-old Chester County girl has music go viral on TikTok
10-year-old Chester County girl has music go viral on TikTok 02:01

WEST GROVE, Pa. (CBS) -- A mother looked to social media to see if the music her 10-year-old daughter wrote was any good. The response she got was overwhelming.

If we told you the music in the video above was the original score to a film nominated for an Oscar Sunday night, it would be absolutely believable. 

Instead, it's the creation of 10-year-old Olive Wallace, a fifth grader who lives in West Grove, Pennsylvania. 

She told her mother that she wanted to write some music one night last month, so she did.

"I woke up in the morning and I saw it on the counter and I thought, 'Why won't I just see what TikTok will do with it?'" Mimi Wallace, Olive's mother, said. 


So, musicians on TikTok went to work and played the enchanting melodies, which Olive created.

"She started a website, a blog, a podcast and she really wanted to create a song to add almost like an anthem," Mimi Wallace said. 

Mimi's original post from Feb. 16 now has over 6.3 million views. It's ironic in a small way because Olive wasn't exactly on-board with her work being broadcast on TikTok.

"I was angry with her posting it," Olive Wallace said. 

Most of us could never write something as beautiful as Olive did no matter how she views it, but going forward? Mimi wants us all to learn from this experience.

"I just really hope that it continues to inspire people to create to collaborate with each other and support each other," Mimi Wallace said. "It's just such a good feeling."

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