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Old City Human Remains From 1700s Moved For Analysis

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)--Hundreds of remains discovered at an Old City construction site earlier this year are now undergoing analysis.

One by one, 300-year-old wooden coffins from Philadelphia were unloaded off a truck Thursday afternoon.

"It's so rare that we get an opportunity to really see a cross section of society at a particular point in time," forensic archaeologist Kimberlee Moran told Eyewitness News.

More Than 100 Bodies, 70 Coffins Recovered From Construction Site In Old City

Moran is talking about the years 1707 to 1859. Hundreds of people were supposed to be moved by 1859 to a church in Southwest  Philadelphia. It never happened.

In March crews discovered hundreds of remains at a construction site at 218 Arch Street.

"Why were they left behind and who were they?" Moran asked.

Exclusive: Tour Of Forensics Lab Housing 1700s Remains Found At Construction Site

George Leader is an archaeologist with The College of New Jersey and he's helping Moran and the team.

"We immediately noticed that this project was going to be massive," he said.

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