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Officials Say Neighbor Opening Fire On Two In Queen Village May Have Been Self-Defense

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --  A Philadelphia man opened fire on two young residents after an altercation in the city's Queen Village section on Tuesday night. On Wednesday, officials are saying the shooter may have done the right thing.

Prosecutors are now reviewing the case.

Investigators say the neighbor was with his wife when two young men attacked him. Eyewitnesses describe a terrifying scene.

Meanwhile, investigators say the 65-year-old man was carrying a valid conceal and carry permit. He was allowed to have that gun and this may be a case of self defense.

The normally quiet Queen's Village neighborhood was the center of a shooting on Tuesday night. "I heard shouting and I saw the guys punching our neighbor. I didn't see our neighbor punch anybody. He was on the ground being beaten.

"And then I heard gunshots," said one area resident.

On Wednesday, neighbors were still reeling from what happened. "His eye was all bloody, like the actual eye ball looked like it was bloody. He had blood all over his face and neck," that neighbor added.

Police say the victims in this case are a woman and the shooter, her husband. The 65-year-old man and his wife were walking home on Tuesday night when the argument broke out with two 20-year-old men. That argument turned physical and then shots were fired.

"This 65-year-old may have been acting in self defense," said Chief Inspector Scott Small.

"I'm glad that a card carrying good guy was able to use a firearm properly because that's exactly what he was," said Master Firearms Instructor and Philly Firearms Academy Owner Jose Morales.

He says that if the shooter was properly carrying his concealed handgun, this is a perfect example of self defense. "I was happy that he was able to use that gun properly, there was no loss of life and that he was able to survive a potentially deadly confrontation," Morales added.

Charges will be determined by the District Attorney's Office. On Wednesday, a spokesperson there said they are still reviewing all details of this case. As for the two men that were shot, the latest information says that one is in stable condition and the other is in critical condition.

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