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Officials Investigate Threats Made Against Philadelphia Police Department

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Philadelphia Police are aware of threats that were made against Philadelphia officers.

After a man in Dallas claimed the lives of five police officers, during protests of the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, officers across the country have been on high alert.

Officials with the Philadelphia Police Department said they have been alerted to several threats made involving a number of their districts.

Philadelphia Police Department Sgt. Eric Gripp released the following information, on Monday night, regarding the threats:

"We received information that there have been threats made against several of our patrol districts. Obviously, we are taking this seriously and it will be thoroughly investigated in order to ensure the safety of not only our employees, but the residents who live in the aforementioned districts."

Authorities explained that a report was filed regarding the threats, but that none of the threats had been verified and that none of them were deemed to be realistic or credible at this time.

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