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School District: 9 Students At Philly Elementary School Ingested Birth Control Pills

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- According to the Philadelphia School District, nine second grade students ingested birth control pills and three students tasted them.

The incident happened at about 11 a.m. at the Rudolph Blankenburg Elementary School in the 4600 block of W. Girard Avenue.

According to investigators, medics were called to the school after reports of several ill students.

Officials said the students believed the pills were candy.

After evaluations of the students, it was determined that none of the students had to be transported to the hospital.

Parents were notified about the situation. One woman Eyewitness News spoke to said she was planning to pull her kids out of the school.

"I have no idea [where they got the pills], but I'm taking my kids out of this school," said parent Kellie Thomas. "I can't deal with it -- I can't deal with this school anymore."

The incident remains under police investigation.

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