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Off The Field, Brandon Graham Embracing The Challenge Of Fatherhood

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- On the field, Brandon Graham is someone to be feared, but off the field is where you see the real Brandon Graham...the softer side.

That is where it's about being a father to his 1-year-old daughter Emerson.

"You learn something new about her each and everyday, each and every second," Graham said. "So, when I'm done with practice, I'm alwasy face timing, trying to figure out what I've missed."

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"He's very involved, even on his busy days," said Graham's wife Carlyne. "Even after the games, he makes sure he gives her her bath. They have their bath time.

The big question is, does he change diapers. "In the beginning, he needed a little practice, but now he's really good."

"It's just when the fires started and the bullets start flying around, I was like dang, this if for real and you got a kicking baby," Graham said. Being there for his family is what is most important.

"I grew up in a single parent home and man, I made it hard for my mom, me and my sisters," Graham recalled. "I always said when I get an opportunity, I'm going to make sure I do it right and have a mother and a dad in the household, raising a child."

Brandon and Carlyne met in high school and he knew she was the one. It just took a little while.

"It ended up not happening till I got to college," Graham said. "Had some courage and hit her up."

Graham was very creative when it came to popping the question.

It's very clear that Graham is embracing fatherhood. "It's a challenge, but at the end of the day, if it's not a challenge, it wouldn't be worth it. I really appreciate every day being with them. Life is too short. You got to enjoy it."



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