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Ocean City, NJ Is Happy To Be Listed As 'Least Angry' City In America

By Pat Loeb and Robin Rieger

OCEAN CITY, N.J. (CBS) -- The South Jersey shore community of Ocean City is touting a Gallup Poll that finds the city the "least angry" and "least depressed" of any city in the country.

Gallup has been measuring wellbeing for three years, asking questions like, "Were you angry yesterday?"  And, "Have you ever suffered from depression?"

Of 357 metropolitan areas, research director Dan Witters says, Ocean City had the lowest percent of angry, depressed people.

"Two very different forms of emotional health," he points out.   "It's kind of neat that Ocean City wound up #1 in both of those cases."

Witters says Ocean City scores high in all kinds of "sub-indicators" such as good oral health and feeling safe walking alone at night, which could explain it. There's also the beach, the boardwalk, the sunset on the bay.

About the only mood enhancer Ocean City doesn't have is happy hour; it's a dry town.



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