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Obama To Visit Camden Today To Discuss Community Police Initiatives

By Justin Udo

CAMDEN, NJ. (CBS) -- President Barrack Obama is meeting with law enforcement officials in Camden, New Jersey today to hear about their efforts to build trust between the police department and the community.

The newly-established Camden County Police Department has gained national recognition for the strides its made in its use of community policing.

During his visit, the president will tour the Real-Time Tactical Operational Intelligence Center at the police department's headquarters.

He will also talk with youth and law enforcement about the relationship they have together.

Camden was recently designated a "Promise Zone," which could open doors to get extra federal grants. to increase economic opportunity, reduce crime and improve public health.

Obama will discuss how such partnerships and community investments are a crucial part of creating opportunities for all Americans.

Camden is among the poorest cities in the nation. Nearly half the adults lack high school degrees and crime rates are among the highest in the country.

In recent years, the state government has taken over the school district, the county government has taken over policing of the city and the state has started offering major incentives for businesses to move there.

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