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Nutter Perplexed Over Continued Questions On Papal Fence

By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Mayor Michael Nutter is voicing frustration over facing repeated questions about fences that will be put up in Center City for the Pope's visit.

At a news conference Mayor Nutter was asked yet again about the papal fence situation, and muttered this under his breath:

"Oh God."

He then explained what he has said before  -- there will not be a fence around Center City for the Pope's appearance but there will be some fences:

"I am perplexed now by this obsessive fascination with fencing. There will be some fencing in some places. When we have a full fencing plan, we'll be glad to lay it out. But its really an ongoing discussion."

And fences for the Pope, Nutter pointed out, are not unusual:

"When the Pope speaks on Wednesdays -- the Papal audience in Rome at the Vatican -- they use some fencing, between him and the rest of the public.

Nutter also voiced support for SEPTA after its website could not handle demand for train tickets on the weekend of the Papal visit:

"I'm sure they'll sort through it and get it straightened out. I have the fullest confidence in SEPTA's capabilities."

And Nutter said the SEPTA website crash is not an indication of more problems to come:

"Try to do your best -- I know you have to write stories or broadcast -- but try to do your best not to judge what's going to happen in late September by what happens in July."

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