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Nutter Furious Over Lack Of School Funding

By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --- Mayor Nutter is fuming over the suggestion of state House leaders that the Governor could simply advance the school district money in order to open on time.

Governor Corbett on Monday failed to convince leaders in the House to meet this month and to vote on a two-dollar-a-pack tax on cigarettes.

Mayor Nutter was disappointed at that, and was livid that state House leaders suggested that the Governor simply advance money already promised.

"If you take five dollars from your left pocket and move it to your right pocket, you're not five dollars richer," Nutter said. "It's the same money. So advancing money that is already owed to the School District does not solve this particular issue. They need new money. More money."

A spokesman for state House leaders said legislative hurdles to the cigarette tax remain but he insist that there is a will among the lawmakers, in his words, "to get it done."

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