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Study: Eating Nuts Improves Survival Rate For Colon Cancer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A new study from the Yale Cancer Center has great news about how eating nuts can improve survival rates for colon cancer.

The research shows that colon cancer patients who regularly eat nuts are at a lower risk of cancer recurrence.

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The study by Yale researchers tracked patients with Stage 3 colon cancer and found that survival rates improved 57 percent for those eating at least 2, one ounce servings of walnuts, almonds, or other tree nuts every week.

Dr. Wafik S. El-Deiry, deputy director at Fox Chase Cancer Centers, says nuts, when part of a Mediterranean diet that includes healthy fats, can improve colon cancer outcomes, along with exercise and keeping a healthy weight.

Avoiding things like sugar, processed food and red meat is also important.

"High fats, lots of red meat, a Western diet is associated with increased risk of colon cancer," said Dr. Wafik S. El-Deiry.

The best way to prevent colon cancer is to have regular colonoscopies which can identify early stages of cancer. Advanced technology has had a positive impact on colon cancer treatments.

"This is a powerful new technology where you can start to get information about a person's tumor, its genetics, and response to treatment," said Dr. El-Deiry.

By analyzing tumors, doctors can customize and target patients treatments.

If you're concerned about nuts being fattening, 24 almonds have 200 calories and 14 grams of fat. Other studies have shown people who eat nuts end to be leaner.

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The recently published findings show the great strides that are being made daily in finding ways to treat and cure cancer.

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