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Numerous Events Planned In Philadelphia For Voter Registration Day

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A number of events are planned in Philadelphia for national "voter registration day," on Tuesday.

With just two weeks left to Pennsylvania's voter registration deadline, council members and city commissioners will visit high schools across the city to register students who've turned 18.

The city employees union will be registering voters at 15th and Market Streets in Center City. The non-partisan Headcount will help commuters at 30th Street sign up.

Vice President Joe Biden will be at Drexel University to launch a voter registration effort for the Clinton campaign. State Director Corey Dukes says students move a lot and may not realize they need to keep their registration updated.

"We're going to make sure what people need to do to participate in our democratic process, and make it as easy for them as possible," Dukes said. "Talking to voters, making sure, just asking the question, is your registration current, and if the answer is no, helping them take care of that."

The city commission reports 31,000 new voters in the city since the last general election, 27,000 Democrats and 4,000 Republicans.

The campaign has launched an on-line registration site called

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