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Northeast Philly Food Pantry Keeps Doors Open To Feed Hungry Residents

By Michelle Durham

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- There are some sections of Philadelphia that have long had scores of hungry residents, but one local church leader who serves a ten zip code region of the city's Northeast section says this situation exists in every city zip code.

Pastor Patricia Neale sees it every day at St. John's Lutheran Church in Mayfair. Their Feast of Justice food pantry is busy.

"It's very shocking for us to see," Neale says.

Neale says just outside the church doors she sees the Mayfair residents struggling, due to unemployment or medical expenses. These are some of the many folks she sees at the church's Feast of Justice Food Pantry.

"It's for families and individuals that are just in need," she says. "If a family says they are in a tight spot, they are able to come in and receive food. We see families who come in fairly regularly every month."

Neale says take a second look around your neighborhood -- chances are there is someone who needs help.

"We really are responsible to be helping out our communities," she says. "and people who are our neighbors."

The church's Feast of Justice Food Pantry is open four days a week.

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