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Student stabbed after fight outside North Philadelphia HS

Student injured after stabbing outside high school in North Philadelphia
Student injured after stabbing outside high school in North Philadelphia 01:35

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A student was injured after a stabbing outside the entrance of Edison High School in North Philadelphia

The school district said the student sustained injuries to her hand.

The district said the stabbing was the culmination of a series of events that began late-Thursday morning, when a student, who was involved in a fight on the second floor of the school, called two adults and asked them to come to the school.

After the two adults came to the school, the school district said they got into an argument with a grandmother and a student outside the school's front entrance.

A district spokeswoman said one of the two adults then maced the grandmother, who then pulled out a knife.

District spokeswoman Monique Braxton said after the grandmother pulled out the knife, she somehow injured a student, who was an innocent bystander and happened to be walking by as the fight was happening. 

"Violence is never acceptable as a means of resolving conflict," Braxton said. "The school district is urging family members, especially adults and children, to resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner."

Braxton said the school dismissed at its normal time.

The district sent a letter home to parents outlining what happened, but some parents who came to pick up their kids said the school should have told them immediately.

"They should call the parents when something like that happened," Francisco Maldonado said. "It's kind of a surprise for me. it's scary."

Philadelphia Police are investigating. No arrests have been announced yet. 

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