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Pennsylvania Looks To Help Families Restock After Powerful Nor'easters

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A Pennsylvania food assistance program aims to help for people recovering from the recent onslaught of winter storms restock their shelves.

Over the last week and a half the Delaware Valley has been hit with multiple Nor'easters.

These storms have led to a lot of power outages, meaning food stored in refrigerators or freezers may end up going bad, but there may be hope.

"If anyone receives SNAP benefits and they require replacement benefits because they've lost food due to a disaster they should contact their local county assistance office," said Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Acting Secretary Teresa Miller.

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Miller says even if you do not receive SNAP you still may be able to get some help recovering you lost food.

"The best thing to do might be to reach out to either the county emergency management agency or their county assistance office to see what help might be available," she added.

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