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Noodles Of The Offspring: No Bad Blood With Green Day, But 'We're A Much Better Band'

By Michael Cerio

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The history between The Offspring and Green Day runs deep.

In 1994 the massive success of both bands took California punk rock from beach basements to the top of the charts, with landmark albums Dookie and Smash going on to sell millions of copies worldwide. Both would evolve and live through the cycle of "sell out" success to being "cool" again a couple times over, all the while collecting devoted fan bases and a few more stacks of platinum plaques.

Through it all though there's been an undertone of a rivalry between the bands.

"Green Day and us, we were almost equally successful - those guys were a little bit ahead of us I'd say - but really close in terms of record sales and stuff like that" explains The Offspring guitarist Noodles. "So the press tried to pin us against each other. You couldn't like one and the other, you had to pick one."

"I don't think there's any bad blood. I've done some things with Billy Joe" he continues. "There's certainly a lot more in common than there is keeping us apart. There's a lot more mutual respect than any kind of - we've got no problem with those guys."

"Having said that, we are a much better band. I should make that clear right?" laughs Noodles. "All around I'd say. Just in general. We're a much better band."

As Green Day readies the release of new music with their twelfth album Revolution Radio slated for October 7th, The Offspring has also been in and out of the studio working on songs for their tenth. With a couple of songs in progress already, it still might be a bit of a wait.

"We haven't done any recording for a couple of months because we've been bouncing all around the world" says Noodles. "We haven't been recording, probably in like three or four months now."

The Offspring continue to bounce around the world this weekend when they land in Chester, PA for the Monster Energy Rock Allegiance festival at Talen Energy Stadium. They play Saturday night at 8:05 p.m.

To hear much more from Noodles of The Offspring, check out the full interview below.


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