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Nonprofit Group Starts 'Imaginary Diet,' Wants People To Imagine Eating Their Favorite Foods

ROSEVILLE, Calif. (CBS) -- Dieting often doesn't work because you miss your favorite foods.

However, now you can enjoy those foods, if not in your mouth, at least in your mind's eye.

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A California nonprofit called Family Green Survival has introduced its "imaginary diet."

Founder Gopal Kapur says it's like the creative visualization that athletes use, but in this case, to imagine eating your favorite foods.

Roseville Mayor Jim Gray is the first believer.

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"I imagined I poured milk on it, nice imaginary cold milk and I imagined picking up the spoon," said Gray.

"You would begin to feel that experience, first couple of times you're just fighting it," said Kapur.

The group would like people to try imagining eating once a week and donate the meal's cost to a charity that fights world hunger.

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