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NJ 'Tanning Mom' Case Prompts Philadelphia Councilman To Propose Regulations

By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The recent case of a North Jersey mom arrested for taking her 6-year old into a tanning booth (see related story) has prompted a Philadelphia lawmaker to propose regulations on tanning salons in this city.

Councilman Bill Greenlee says the case last year of a Nutley, New Jersey mother accused of putting her daughter inside a tanning booth was only the most prominent incident of what he believes is a growing problem: youngsters -- particularly teenage girls -- getting artificial tans.

"They think this makes them look better, when they go to a prom or some event. And often times they get over exposed to it, because they do it quickly," Greenlee explained.

So, on Thursday Greenlee is proposing regulations for tanning salons in Philadelphia.

"It would mandate that the business give written information about the health risks of the tanning: the possibility of cancer, the possibility of overexposure," Greenlee said.

And teens could not go alone. "Every minor would have to be accompanied by an adult, and the adult would have to sign off on an agreement that the minor can use the tanning salon."

Anyone under 14 would need a doctor to sign off.

"This is something that needs to have some regulation. At least the customers of these businesses need to be aware of some of the problems that tanning salons can cause."

Compliance, Greenlee says, would be monitored by the Health Department, though he admits he is not calling for additional funding for them to do so. His measure will be debated in committee.

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