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NJ Lawmakers Push For Pesticide Ban

TRENTON (CBS) - The New Jersey State Senate will soon take up a bill that could ban the use of most pesticides in public places where children play.

The Child Safe Playing Field Act cleared a senate committee this week. It could be one of the strongest laws in America, if it's approved, affecting school playgrounds, athletic fields and day care centers -- virtually everywhere but a home lawn.

Jane Nogaki with the New Jersey Environmental Federation is pushing for the change.

"Many of the common lawn care pesticides frequently used in these public spaces have toxic hazards associated with them."

A group representing the lawn care industry would beg to differ, insisting chemicals are used carefully, safely and well with acceptable environmental standards. They insist the bill was drawn up with no input from them and claim proponents are just working to ban pesticides everywhere they can.

Reported by David Madden, KYW Newsradio

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