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NJ Governor Christie Grateful For Congressional Approval Of Sandy Aid Package

By David Madden

MANAHAWKIN, N.J. (CBS) -- New Jersey Governor Chris Christie used his 100th town hall meeting on Wednesday in Manahawkin, Ocean County to discuss long-term recovery plans in the wake of Hurricane Sandy now that congress is moving the complete $60-billion aid package.

"They didn't do it exactly the way we would have wanted to do it," Christie says. "They didn't do it in exactly the time we think they should have, but they've now done it."

It'll take a few weeks after the Senate and President Obama approve the package for programs to get up and running. But Christie has changed his expectations.

"Normalcy now has got to be getting our beaches rebuilt," Christie says, "getting our amusements and boardwalks rebuilt, getting our businesses rebuilt and getting people back in their primary residences.

But people should not expect the shore communities this summer to be like they were last summer.

And he has a message to shore landowners who have, in the past, opposed erection of protective dunes to protect their scenic views. Christie vows to do whatever he can to make sure those dunes are built, because Sandy proved one thing. Where they were in place, they worked.

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