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NJ Family's Dog Summoned For Jury Duty?

BRIDGETON, N.J., (CBS) – For a lot of people the dog is a member of the family, and in one South Jersey town, the dog may also be a member of the jury.

IV is certainly no fan of our camera and likely is even a less fan of jury duty.

But at first glance of this jury summons, it appears IV Griner is due in court.

Her name on her vet record appears the same as it does on the summons.

Her owner, Barrett Griner, received the summons on Friday.

"But nobody in my house is named IV except the German Shepherd," he said.

When Barrett first got the summons he pretty much figured it out right away. You see his full name is Barrett Griner IV.  He uses the roman numeral for four and that's also why he named his dog IV, as in using the letters "I and V."

The Cumberland County Judiciary Coordinator indicates the computer generated jury summons likely misplaced the roman numeral IV for Barrett's first name and then mailed it out.

"I had to laugh at it," Griner said.

While the five-year-old German Shepherd won't be sitting in the jury box any time soon, at least Barrett has a tale to tell and the records to sort of back it up.

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