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NJ College Student's iPhone Explodes During Class, Prompting Evacuations

GLASSBORO, N.J. (CBS) -- A student's iPhone exploded during class at Rowan College of Burlington County, prompting students to evacuate the building.

Darin Hlvaty says he doesn't know why his iPhone 6 Plus caught fire but the device, which was turned off at the time, managed to leave a hole in his back pocket.

Hlvaty's classmate, Rebecca Bookbinder described a "fizz" and "pop" sound just as class was starting, as well as "a good amount of smoke coming out of [Hlvaty's] back pocket where the phone combusted."

"I flinched upwards because it was burning my leg," Hlvaty said. "As I flinched up, I noticed that I was smoking." He added that he threw the phone down on the ground as it lit up in flames.

By all accounts, the phone simply ignited.

Hlvaty says that he has had the phone for about six months and that it has been working normally.

Earlier this month, federal consumer safety regulators formally recalled the Galaxy Samsung Note 7 smartphone after dozens of users reported the device caught fire while charging. Hlvaty says he did not expect something like this to happen with an iPhone.

Apple says that it is investigating the matter. Rowan College says they are just happy no one was hurt.

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