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NJ Auction House Auctioning Off Signed Copy Of Report That Urged Impeachment Of President Donald Trump

RUNNEMEDE, N.J. (CBS) -- A South Jersey auction house has an unusual item up for bid. It's a copy of the report that urged the impeachment of President Donald Trump, and that copy is signed by the president himself.

On Dec. 18 of last year, Trump became only the third president to be impeached. That same night, the president held a rally in Battle Creek, Michigan.

"It doesn't really feel like we are being impeached," he said.

But hours before that rally started, a known source contacted Ken Goldin, the founder of Goldin Auctions in Runnemede, saying they were about to get something special.

"At the time, he sent me an email that morning that said, 'We are going to get this signed at the rally tonight. Do you want it for your auction?'" Goldin said.

The source's plan? To get a copy of the House Judiciary Committee's Impeachment Report signed by the president. And it worked.

"This is somebody within the Republican Party who has access to meet-and-greets," Goldin said.

That report signed by the president is up for auction on Goldin's site. The highest bid as of Thursday evening was $17,000.

"This is the most historical item that he ever will sign. He signed his own impeachment document on the day he was impeached," Goldin said.

Because of its significance, Goldin got the document authenticated by two separate companies.

"It's truly a unique piece of American history," he said.

So who does this high-ticket item appeal to? Goldin says both lovers and haters of the president have reached out, but he's impartial.

"I'm not a Democrat or a Republican, I'm a capitalist," Goldin said.

He feels the highest bid could reach $40,000 but adds others have predicted its worth three times as much.

The online auction closes this Saturday at 10 p.m.

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