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Eagles Training Camp: Nick Sirianni Examining What Can Be Done Better Heading Into 2nd Season With Birds

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Birds are back. Wednesday was the Eagles' first training camp practice of the 2022 season.

It's head coach Nick Sirianni's second season with the Eagles, and Day 1 of training camp is always about the quarterback.

"You can see he's a year further into it. Decisions are being made quicker and faster each time he gets a rep at it," Sirianni said. "Just like a lot of quarterbacks in this league, they get better with their decision-making over time."

Sirianni sported a green T-shirt with the face of Jalen Hurts on it for the first practice. He says it's something he got from his brother and is an "easy" way to connect with the players.

"He's our quarterback. This was I think the best one I had clean. I do my own laundry, so it was the best one I had clean and this is the one I picked," Sirianni said. "This is something that I got from my brother actually. He's a college football coach, and one thing he always liked to do was wear the high school that -- they don't make these for division three college players, but what he would do is wear a shirt from the high school that they went to. He always had this wide variety of shirts. He told me why he had it. Just an easy way to connect with the player. So what better way to connect with them than wear a shirt with his face in the middle of it. That is the why. There is always a conversation off of that."

Sirianni also broke down what changed since last season in a press conference Wednesday morning.

"You are always going to adapt things that you do in camp, and so there are some differences of what we're doing this year, as you guys can see from the schedule," Sirianni said. "We're just always looking to make our process as good as we possibly can for the players. For one, for the players to be ready to play, for the players to be healthy to play, and just that's something we go through each time, is what can we do better this year?"

Following practice, Hurts and other players spoke to the media about the start of training camp.

"Great to be back out here, like I said, we put so much work in. So when the time comes, it's like let's go do what we do," Hurts said.

In terms of the team? General Manager Howie Roseman believes he's put together a great roster, but will it work?

"The other thing we talk about is a lot our most talented teams have not necessarily been our best teams and like you could have all this talent, but them coming together and fitting the right pieces in place is the most important thing," Roseman said.

Jason Kelce, Fletcher Cox and Anthony Harris were in COVID progression on Wednesday.

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