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Nick Sirianni and ex-Eagles love this Philly-made streetwear

Brian Westbrook, Alshon Jeffery wear this Philly-made Eagles gear
Brian Westbrook, Alshon Jeffery wear this Philly-made Eagles gear 02:31

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Art History 101 is perhaps the most recognizable streetwear brand in Philadelphia.

"I was born to do this, and I love my job," owner Jay Pross says.

Pross says his clothing line is authentic and it's an Eagles favorite.

"Nick Sirianni, the head coach of the Eagles, has been seen wearing a bunch of our shirts, at one point they asked him 'Hey what's up with these shirts?' And he said 'I love them, just keep sending them to me,'" Pross said. "We do and they keep popping up."

With the Eagles aiming for an NFC championship win against the San Francisco 49ers this weekend, it's no surprise the middle of the store bleeds green.

Soulja Boy wearing Art History 101 apparel. CBS News Philadelphia

"People hit me up, [saying] 'We need some Eagles stuff," Pross said. "Every week it's like 'we need this, we need that.'"

Art History has been around for over a decade, dressing hip-hop artists like Soulja Boy.

"I didn't know how big this was going to be but it ended up in the Guinness Book of World Records as the biggest music video reach at that time," Pross said.

West Philadelphia native comedian Kevin Hart has also been seen in Art History apparel. 

Former Eagles runningback Brian Westbrook (center) wearing Art History 101 apparel. Store owner Jay Pross is at left. CBS News Philadelphia

Then it finally happened. Pross' apparel caught the eyes of former Eagles running back Brian Westbrook and wide receiver Alshon Jeffery.

"Our Super Bowl year I met Alshon," Pross said.

"He was in the locker room being interviewed by reporters and he was wearing one of our shirts," Pross said. "Everyone wanted to know where to get it."

And there's only one place: a small business in the Mayfair section of Philadelphia where the owner's most important collaboration is always with the customers.

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