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News, Politics and Entertainment with The Chris Stigall Show | October 18

6:00 - Pat Toomey, Katie McGinty Square Off In First Senate Debate

6:20 - Stephen Colbert And President Obama Rip Trump With Gross (But Accurate) Comparison

6:25 - Stephen Colbert Reboots 'The Late Show,' Fixing It on the Fly

6:35 - What's Trending IMDb Founder Col Needham Reveals His Top 10 Favorite Films for First Time Ever'Price Is Right': Three Contestants Make Showcase Showdown HistoryNobel panel gives up knockin' on Dylan's door

6:50 - Fox News' Chris Wallace brings experience, sterling reputation to moderator's role

7:00 - Melania Trump: Donald Trump was 'egged on' into 'boy talk'

7:20 - Wentz knows he has to 'be better'

7:25 - 'Sunday Night Football' Ratings Fall To 5-Year Low In OT Game

7:35 - 1210 Debate Watch Party

7:50 - Children's Halloween costumes

8:00 - Trump fans boo, walk out on Amy Schumer show in Tampa

8:10 - Companies used Clinton fundraisers to lobby State Department

8:20 - Chris spoke with Radio Host and Author Eric Metaxas about Christians voting for Donald Trump.

8:35 - What's Trending: Video: 'Chewbacca Mom' gets Chewbacca tattoo!Azealia Banks Files Police Report Against Russell CroweLuke Perry's AARP cover means you're oldCaptain Planet movie may be coming from Leonardo DiCaprio's production company

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