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News, Politics and Entertainment with The Chris Stigall Show | January 18

Chris reviewed last night's Democratic presidential debate, Donald Trump's attack on Ted Cruz, and the NFL playoffs. He talked with Michael Bronstein and Colin Hanna on the Monday Morning Matchnup about the debate, and CSN Philly's Ray Didinger about the new Eagle's Head Coach, Doug Pederson.

6:00 The Democratic presidential candidates debated last night on NBC.

6:19 American hostages held in Iran were released yesterday.

6:35 What's Trending: NFL Playoffs, Blair Walsh, Ride Along 2, Betty White, Fireball Whiskey

6:48 The New England Patriots defeated the Kansas City Chiefs on Saturday night.

6:52 Donald Trump attacked Ted Cruz again yesterday, calling his nasty and unpopular.

7:00 Chris Stigall talks with Michael Bronstein and Colin Hanna on the Monday Morning Matchup about last night's Democratic debate.

7:18 Saturday Night Live parodied the Republican presidential debate.

7:50 Donald Trump hinted that he would consider former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown as his running mate.

8:00 Chris talks with CSN Philly's Ray Didinger about Doug Pederson, the next Head Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

8:35 What's Trending: Chris Rock, Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, Meek Mill,

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