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News, Politics and Entertainment with The Chris Stigall Show | February 13

Chris reviewed the Grammy's, Saturday Night Live's handling of Donald Trump and Sean Spicer and a New York Times story about civil servants resisting the Trump administration. He talked with Colin Hanna and Michael Bronstein on the Monday Morning Matchup at about persisting allegations of voter fraud, Ike Reese from WIP at about Joel Embiid dancing with Meek Mill and author Derek Thompson about his book, Hit Makers.

6:00 Beyonce performed at the Grammy awards.

6:04 Adele won the Grammy for best album.

6:18 Saturday Night Live parodied Press Secretary Sean Spicer for the second week in a row.

6:19 KKK fliers were distributed in South Jersey.

6:25 Saturday Night Live had the show's highest ratings in six years.

6:35 What's Trending: Metallica and Lady Gaga, Adele, Bruno Mars, Lego Batman

6:53 Michael Flynn may have discussed sanctions with Russia before the inauguration.

7:00 Chris talks with Michael Bronstein and Colin Hanna on the Monday Morning Matchup about allegations of voting fraud.

7:20 New York Times: A 'sense of dread' for civil servants in the Trump Administration.

7:37 Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams says he will not seek re-election.

7:38 Conan O'Brien on Twitter: Remember when the President of the United States was smarter and more even tempered than you?

7:52 Singer Joy Villa wore a Make America Great Again dress at the Grammy Awards.

8:00 Chris speaks with Ike Reese from WIP about Joel Embiid dancing with Meek Mill.

8:20 Chris talks with author Derek Thompson about his book, Hit Makers.

8:35 What's Trending: Bill and Ted, Whoopi Goldberg, Whoopi Pies

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