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News, Politics and Entertainment with The Chris Stigall Show | December 8

Chris discussed Donald Trump's proposal to ban all Muslims from entering the United States and a pig's head thrown at a local mosque. He talked with Dick Yuengling.

6:00 Donald Trump called for a ban on all Muslims coming to the United States.

6:05 Ben Shapiro: Desperate Trump drops ugly policy bomb.

6:25 Politicians respond to Trump's call to ban Muslims.

6:35 What's Trending: Saint West, Grammy nominations, Connor Barwin, USPS

6:50 Bear hunting is underway in New Jersey.

7:00 A pig's head was left outside a Mosque in Germantown.

7:22 David French: Muslim world overcome with hate.

7:53 The Independent: Global emissions have stalled for the second year in a row.

8:00 Chris talks with Dick Yuengling to preview tomorrow night's appearance at the Fox and Hound in King of Prussia.

8:25 Donald Trump has a base.

8:35 What's Trending: Adele, Eagles of Death Metal, LeSean McCoy, Sex in the Parking Lot, John Stamos

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