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News, Politics and Entertainment with The Chris Stigall Show | December 2

Chris reviewed last night's Sixers game, featuring their first win of the season and Kobe Bryant's last appearance in Philadelphia, Attorney General Kathleen Kane's appointment of a special prosecutor, and Philadelphia City Council demanding concessions from Comcast. He also talked with Tom McGrath from Philadelphia Magazine about Kane's appointment.

6:00 Kobe Bryant played his final game in Philadelphia and the Sixers got their first win of the season.

6:01 The Sixers raised ticket prices for the game after Bryant announced he was retiring on Sunday.

6:19 Attorney General Kathleen Kane released more emails related the 'porngate' case and appointed a special prosecutor to investigate the case.

6:23 The special prosecutor appointed by Kathleen Kane, Doug Gansler, claims to have never viewed pornography.

6:35 What's Trending: Mark Zuckerberg, Instagram filters, Spotify, Leonardo DiCaprio

6:50 President Obama said shootings like the one at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado do not happen in other countries.

7:05 United Healthcare CEO regrets entering Obamacare.

7:22 Philadelphia City Council makes demands regarding minimum wages and customer service from Comcast.

7:39 Human brains cannot be categorized sexually.

7:50 Chris welcomes the Piazza Pet of the Week into the studio. If you'd like to adopt a pet, check out

8:00 Chris talks to Tom McGrath from Philadelphia Magazine about Kathleen Kane appointing a special prosecutor to investigate 'porngate.'

8:20 Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel fired the city's police chief after the release a video showing a police officer shoot and kill and 17-year-old last year.

8:35 What's Trending: Carrie Fisher, Star Wars and the Lord's Prayer

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