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New Video Shows Clear Image of Suspect in Route 15 Septa Trolley Attack

By Kim Glovas

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Philadelphia police have released new video of the assault last Wednesday morning on a Septa trolley.

The video comes from an onboard surveillance camera on the Route 15 trolley. Police lieutenant John Stanford is urging the public to take a look and see if they can identify the suspect.

"It's on our police web site,," he notes.  "It's also on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube.  We have so many different ways you can view the video.  And again, if you recognize this person, you can send us an anonymous tip."

The suspect punched a 17-year-old girl in the face, several times, possibly because she bumped him with her backpack.  The suspect fled the trolley at 7th Street and Girard Avenue.  The teenager, Shay Wharton (below), was treated for her injuries, which included a broken nose, at Jefferson Hospital.

wharton_shay beaten _family
(Shay Wharton, after she was attacked by a stranger on a Route 15 Septa trolley. Family photo)



Anyone with information on the man is urged to call police.


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