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New Threat To Bald Eagles

(CBS) - A Pennsylvania wildlife conversationist has identified a new danger to predatory birds in this region, especially to the rising population of bald eagles. It could be as serious as the DDT pesticide threat years ago.

Dr. Keith Bildstein of the Hawk Mountain Bird Sanctuary in Kempton, Berks County, says bald eagles are now off of the government's endangered species list.

He says more than 350 bald eagles were counted passing over the sanctuary's mountain-top location this fall which he calls a record. He also says their numbers are climbing based on the latest flyover count of the creatures by the sanctuary.

However, a recent incident in southern Delaware where a bald eagle died has Bildstein worried that problems man caused for the birds in the past have returned:
"One of those problems is indiscriminate use of toxic chemicals to kill, in most cases, feral dogs or other ground predators that scavenge prey or kill it outright."

Bildstein says eagles and vultures eat the poisoned carcasses or bait laced with poison and can become ill and die.

He says the solution is restricting the over-the-counter sale of certain poisons and chemicals to the public.

Reported by: Mark Abrams, KYW Newsradio

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