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New Survey Takes A Look At What Makes Local College Students Stick Around After Graduation

By Molly Daly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A non-profit that acts as an off-campus career services and activities center for students at colleges and universities in the Delaware Valley has released the results of a survey of recent college graduates, looking at what factors make them want to stay in the area, or go.

Campus Philly president Deborah Diamond says the study shows the majority of graduates stick around.

"Sixty-four percent stay immediately afterwards, and years later, because we surveyed students who were up to 10 years out, 61 percent were still in the area," said Diamond.

Diamond says a lot of elements figure in to that decision -- with job prospects, restaurants and nightlife, and public transportation the top three. But another factor really jumps out.

"Seventy-one percent of students who had a summer internship in Philadelphia stayed in Philadelphia after they graduated, and I think having that live-work experience in Philadelphia is really powerful, and it shows students what a great place this is to live and work, and so, the result is, that they stay."

And with 73 percent saying they'd recommend the area as a place to live, Diamond says even the ones who move away make great ambassadors for Philly.

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