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New Study Indicates Phillies Fans Are Biggest Bandwagoners

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Do you remember in 2008 and 2009 when the entire city of Philadelphia was draped in Phillies gear and Citizens Bank Park was sold out every single night? Seems like decades ago. Now, the Phillies are 28-36, and no one seems to be paying attention anymore, as attendance has decreased about 8,000 fans per game since last season.

A new study conducted by two researchers at Emory University revealed Phillies fans are something that all sports fans pray they never become--bandwagoners.

The study used data of statistical models of consumer demand, or attendance, from 1998-2013 to determine fan sensitivity rankings. Therefore, the more sensitive your fan base is the more likely you are to jump on and off the bandwagon when your team wins or loses.

The study concluded Phillies had the most win sensitive fan base, while the Yankees had the last. Following the Phillies as the top-five most win sensitive fan bases were the fans of the Baltimore Orioles, Oakland A's, Chicago White Sox, and the Detroit Tigers. Full list here.

"The most demanding MLB fans live in Philadelphia," the Emory Sports Marketing Analytics blog wrote. "This fits the stereotype of Philadelphia fans as aggressive, demanding fans that are willing to cheer injuries and boo Santa.  The numbers say that Philadelphia fans require their team to perform or they won't show up."


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