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New Safe Driving Program for Philadelphia Schools Gets Thumbs-Up From Students

By Jim Melwert

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A new, one-of-a-kind, safe-driving program for teenagers is making its debut this week at high schools across Philadelphia.

"Every year, hundreds of young people are killed on the roads..." the narrator intones at one point.

The production is called Cinema Drive.  It uses 3D video and interactive questions to teach teens the dangers they will face behind the wheel.

What are they learning?

(Student #1:)  "You know, not to text when you drive."

(Student #2:)  "The way alcohol affects you -- I didn't know that."

(Student #3:)  "The (safe following) distance, the three-second distance. I didn't know that."

The program was a hit with students at Thomas Edison High School, in North Philadelphia.

"I thought it was pretty informative," said Alberto, a sophomore.  "It was something fresh -- it's not outdated like most what-not-to-do videos."

The show is produced by Life Changing Experiences.  Vice president Kenneth Bain says they work hard to make it relevant to students.

"Ten years ago it wasn't texting and driving, it was drinking and driving," he notes.  "Five years from now, they're going to come up with something different, and we're going to have to adjust our program to captivate that audience."


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