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New Roller Coaster Set To Rumble Through Seaside Heights

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Nearly five years ago, Superstorm Sandy made landfall and destroyed the iconic Jetstar roller coaster in Seaside Heights. Now, a new coaster is set to rumble through the Jersey shore town.

The Jetstar roller coaster was removed from the ocean in 2013, but it took another four years for Casino Pier to bring its new coaster, the Hydrus, to life. It's higher and faster than the Jetstar, according to the Pier's Maria Mastoris.

"We pretty much have all the pieces together. This past week we actually tested the first car to go, without any people on it, around the track.," Mastoris said. "And we're hoping with all the inspections and testing, we can open with our opening weekend which is April 8th and 9th."

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The fluorescent green and blue coaster is also a kind of homage to the former structure.

"Hydrus is also a constellation, so that name kind of refers back to the Jetstar," Mastoris explained. "And then also Hydrus is a sea serpent that since we're right by the ocean, it went together with that as well."

The new coaster features a helix, a twist and a loop. Terrified screams are optional.

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