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New Red Light Camera Being Turned On In Northwest Philly

By Kim Glovas

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - A new red light camera is being activated at midnight Sunday in Northwest Philadelphia.

The camera will be at the intersection of Ogontz and Stenton Avenues, which is where the neighborhoods of West Oak Lane, Mount Airy and Germantown meet.

Corinne O'Connor, deputy executive director at the Philadelphia Parking Authority, says this is a very busy intersection, which is why it needs more attention:

"You have a church there, a school close by, and businesses and residential mix, so you have a lot of different activities going on at that intersection, so we wanted to make that a safer intersection."

O'Connor says drivers will have 45 days to get used to the new camera:

"If you do run a red light in those 45 days, you will receive a notice that's gonna say it's a warning, so you don't have to pay, but it's letting you know that you did run the red light and if you do it again after the 45th day, that would be a $100 fine."

Currently, the Parking Authority manages 115 red light cameras at 26 intersections in the city.

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