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New Polls Find Trump, Democrats, GOP All Deemed Unpopular

By Eli Watkins

PHILADELPHIA (CNN) -- A pair of polls released Sunday showed President Donald Trump approaching his 100th day in office with the lowest level of support any modern president.

Forty-two percent of people in an ABC/Washington Post poll said they approved of Trump's performance so far, while 53% said they disapproved.

An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll had 40% of respondents saying they approved of Trump and 54% saying they disapproved.

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But the bad news wasn't Trump's alone. The ABC/Washington Post poll found significant majorities said both the Democratic and Republican parties were "out of touch" with the concerns of most Americans.

Sixty-seven percent of respondents said the Democratic Party was out of touch, as did 62% for the Republican Party. Less than a third said either party was "in touch."

Trump faired slightly better than the parties, with 58% saying he was out of touch.

Despite Trump's low approval numbers, the poll showed him retaining support among his base, with 96% of people who said they voted for him saying they would do so again.

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The 100-days measure has been a focus of the media since former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who signed 15 major pieces of legislation early in his presidency.

Trump tweeted last week that the 100 days point was "ridiculous." But during his campaign he referenced the point himself and promised to fight for a sweeping package of legislation as part of his 100-day plan in his "Contract with the American Voter."

With less than a week until he hits the 100-day mark, none of those legislative proposals have come to pass.

Gallup's historical presidential approval numbers showed most presidents were near the height of their popularity in the beginning of their first terms.

Respondents to Sunday's polls also weighed in on a few areas unique to Trump.

Thirty-four percent of the ABC/Washington Post poll respondents said they disapproved of Trump including his daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner in his administration.

And a majority, 54%, said they did not have a problem with Trump working out of Mar-a-lago, his private club in Florida.

The ABC/Washington Post poll surveyed 1,004 adults over April 17-20 and had a margin of error ±3.5% points.

The NBC/WSJ poll surveyed 900 adults over that same period and had a margin of error ±3.3% points.

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