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New Play At Constitution Center Puts Education Funding Under The Lights

By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --- A new theater production premieres tonight at the National Constitution Center, with Pennsylvania's education funding system taking center stage.

The production entitled "School Play" was born from the effects of Philadelphia school district budget cuts. Parent Arden Kass drew on more than 100 interviews of children, parents and educators to co-write the play.

"The stories just really got to me," Kass says. "And the hopes and fears and dreams of these kids, and how they felt that it was being taken away from them."

Public Citizens for Children and Youth helped to raise money for the play.

"I do believe that you come away feeling, we aren't all on the same page," says . PCCY Executive Director Donna Cooper. "And as a result there are too many children who are getting the short end of the stick."

The play has a short run -- only two nights. But Cooper is hoping other groups will download the script and stage their own productions to keep the debate going.

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