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Record traffic expected in Philadelphia area this Fourth of July week as crowds begin to head to Jersey Shore

Families get a head start on 4th of July celebrations in Margate, New Jersey
Families get a head start on 4th of July celebrations in Margate, New Jersey 02:54

MARGATE CITY, N.J. (CBS) — Experts are predicting a record-high week when it comes to holiday travel volume. In the Philadelphia area, AAA said more than 80% of people will drive to their destination.

"We do go down the shore every holiday, as long as we can, we'll stay. We love it," Margot Chletcos, of Lansdale, said.

According to AAA, more than 809,000 people from the Philadelphia area are set to drive to their destinations this week. That is a 4.5% bump from last year, according to the travel agency.

The travel sometimes can be a headache during the holiday rush. Two days before July Fourth, traffic has not been too bad on the roads, according to some drivers who spoke to CBS News Philadelphia.

"The traffic was actually very good. No hiccups. Five minutes here, five minutes there in Philly, that's it," Mark Grasso said. He's traveling with his family to Wildwood, New Jersey from Scranton, Pennsylvania. 

"We left on an off day and not the weekend. We're getting cut a break — finally, after many years!" Chletcos said with a smile.

For those about to hop in the car bound for the shore, Joe and Chris Giuliante have this parting message.

Record-breaking traffic expected in Philadelphia, South Jersey for 4th of July 03:14

"Pack a lot of patience," Joe Giuliante said. His wife Chris Giuliante added, "Leave now!"

While the countdown to the Fourth of July is on, some people have already started their holiday vacation.

The beach in Margate City was not too crowded days before the holiday. 

Victoria Zora, who traveled from Florida, said the best part of the trip is "just hanging out with friends."

While some braved the chilly water, others played in the sand, and some already were rocking the red, white and blue. Beachgoers say the plentiful sunshine with a little breeze couldn't be beat.

"Today has been beautiful. This is probably one of the best days because no humidity. It's not too hot," Ron Choice, of Marlton, said. "We like to get down here early, stay late."

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