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New Jersey Restaurant Names Burger After Bernie Sanders

by Jasmine Payoute

MILLVILLE, NJ (CBS) -- A restaurant in Millville is "feeling the bern," or tasting it, with a new menu item dedicated to presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders.

Wildflower, a vegan eatery, recently added the "Bernie Sanders Burger."

"Everyone loves it," said Eric Nyman, the store's owner. "It's a winner and we'll definitely be replicating it again."

The burger, which is actually a wrap is based on red beans, hummus, mushrooms, paprika, sea salt, chili powder, a little avocado, sweet potatoes, and cumen. It also comes with a choice of dressings.

So, what do these ingredients have to do with Sanders?

According to Nyman, the red beans are the color of the Socialist party, in which Sanders is said to represent. And while the Democratic presidential candidate is not a vegan. Nyman says, "Bernie seems to be open to considering new things and growing and extending his consciousness. We're hoping he'll realize that vegan is a good thing." And to top it all off he says he came up with the idea on the eve on the New Hampshire primary.

So far, the burger has been a hit with some people ordering it just for the name.

"The clincher is the first person to order it was wearing a Bernie shirt," Nyman said. "A lot of our customer base supports it."

To keep things fair and presidential, Wildflower employees even incorporated Republican nominee Donald Trump into the menu. Using the billionaires phrase, "it's yuuge" to describe the burger.

"One of my guys wrote that because Sanders and Trump say 'yugge' the same way," Nyman said. "It increased people's appreciation of the name."

Bernie Sanders is not the first person to get a menu item named after him. The owner says they've even had a "Miley Cyrus Twerk Burger". But admits that from time to time, "we do sneak in things we believe in there too".


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