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New Jersey Offers New Flyers License Plate For Hockey Fans

TRENTON, N.J. (CBS) - Philadelphia Flyers hockey fans who live in the Garden State now have a license plate to call their own.

In a world in which there seems to be license plate for every team, hobby, and cause, New Jersey's affinity plate collection suffered from a gap -- perhaps not unlike a hockey player's smile.

Now, that gap has been filled by the Flyers license plate.

"It's the black-and-orange logo right there on the lefthand side of the plate," says  Motor Vehicle Commission spokesman Mike Horan.  "Across the bottom of the plate it says, "Flyers Charities," where some of the money is being directed."

The plate costs $60; annual renewal is also $60.

What's behind the affinity plate?

"The very simple reason of generating revenue," says Horan.

And where does his own loyalty lie?

"I'm a South Jersey guy, born and raised in Vineland, so I gotta Go Flyers every time!" he says.

Reported by Molly Daly, KYW Newsradio 1060.

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