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New Graduates Using Social Media To Stand Out, Get Personal

By Social Media Editor Melony Roy

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - In a crowded job market, some new graduates are using their social networks to stand out, and sometimes that means getting a little personal.

Recent Temple grad Thao Nguyen used social media to build a relationship with a Hyatt recruiter her sophomore year which led to an internship and recently being hired for their corporate management trainee program.

"I was at a conference and the one workshop was hosted by Hyatt and she was speaking about how to be smart using social media. I followed her and we just bonded over my cat and her trip to Europe. So every time she would come to Temple I would tweet her like. 'Hey, lets catch up' and that's how our relationship started," says Nguyen. "I used social media to create a relationship with someone who could provide me with an opportunity to get a job."

The professors in the Tourism/Hospitality department at Temple University say your social media presence needs to be professional but also personal.

"Make it a marketing promotional tool for the student, they in turn make very strong connections and really engage and gain knowledge on the industry and specific individual in the industry so they can really get a head start on what companies are doing and what trends are in the industry," adds assistant professor and Director of Industry Relations Rick Ridall.

He says your social media presence needs to be professional but also personal.

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