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New Exhibit Tells Story Of Brewerytown Community

New Exhibit Tells Story Of Brewerytown Community

By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Next City is a Philadelphia-based non-profit that is dedicated to keeping the community informed as a neighborhood transforms through urban renewal.

It's titled, "Portraits of Brewerytown." The exhibition showcases 20 photographs that tell stories of the people who work, live and thrive in this section of the city as it experiences urban renewal.

"Even in urban communities that definitely have issues, humanity still prevails, people still go on with their lives," says Photographer Tieshka Smith. She spent weeks speaking to the residents of Brewerytown, visiting rec centers, local businesses, boxing gyms and subway stops taking photos capturing everyday life and the ingenuity of the characters who thrive in a section of the city once known for its blight.

"One day, I got off the trolley and I noticed racks and racks and racks of clothing. And I met this gentleman and we'll call him 'E'," says Smith. "He gets unclaimed clothing from cleaners and sells them at rock bottom rates. This is a photo of him showing the money he earned."

She says there are many gems in this section of the city, like a nationally renowned boxing coach, an urban farmer and a hat fashionista.

"Her name is Sue Kim," says Smith. "She's the owner of the New Styles Lady Shop. She sells hats and she sells coats and suits for people who like to dress up. She is well-known throughout the country."

The exhibit runs through Feb 16th and is free and open to the public. You can see the photos in Next City's Storefront For Urban Innovation located at 2711 West Girard Ave by appointment. For more info, go to

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