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New Emojis Coming Soon: Breastfeeding, Beard, Woman Wearing Headscarf And More

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Finally, more emojis are on the way - because honestly who needs words when you have emojis.

The folks at Unicode Consortium agree and proposed 137 new emojis - some which were updated versions of existing emojis. The group has narrowed down its proposed icons to 48, according to Engadget.

The new emojis include a woman breastfeeding, a woman wearing a head scarf, a bearded man, a zombie, broccoli, pretzel and two dinosaurs, just to name a few.

69 new emojis coming June 30 including mermaid, genie, T-Rex, UFO. Here they are:

According to reports, the images were created by Emojipedia, which created them based on their Unicode descriptions, and since each vendor decides how an emoji will look on its own platform, there's a good chance these could change between operating systems.

The emojis will be available June 30.

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