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New DUI Law To Take Effect In Pennsylvania

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Beginning later this week, anyone in Pennsylvania caught driving drunk with a blood alcohol level above .10 will have to get a device installed that prevents a car from starting if alcohol is detected on the driver's breath.

Current DUI laws call for a one-year license suspension for first-time offender DUI with blood alcohol over .10.

But come Friday, Doug Lavenberg with the Montgomery County DA's office, says a new state law takes effect.

"Instead of the person losing their license for the 12 months, not able to drive at all, they would then be able to drive their own personal vehicle, equipped with the ignition interlock," said Lavenberg.

"And when it says blow, the participant will blow into the device," explained Kathleen Riley of Smart Start, one of the companies that installs ignition interlocks. "If there would be a violation, this would put the car into a temporary lock-out for five minutes."

Thirty minutes for a second failed attempt.

Pennsylvania law has required the devices for repeat DUI offenders, but this new law requires first-time offenders to have the interlock system for 12 months. They cost about $100 a month.

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