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New Castle County Police Search For Missing Woman Who May Have Been Taken From Her Home

By Steve Patterson

NEW CASTLE, Del., (CBS) -- A Delaware mother of three goes missing and her family fears the worst.

A neighbor tells police he saw her being carried out of her home on Freedom Trail in New Castle.

"She would never leave her kids."

Gone for nearly thirty hours, a family's initial worry is turning to panic.

"If anybody's seen anything, say something."

Police say the case was raised to a gold alert this afternoon.

"Someone saw her being taken out of her residence with force," an officer said.

Police say based on an eyewitness report 33-year-old Nefertiri Trader was taken from her New Castle home on Freedom Trail at about 4 a.m. Monday.

The eyewitness is neighbor Joe Robinson who filled in the blanks with haunting detail starting with a scream.

"It was loud enough to wake us up."

When Robinson got to the window, he says he saw Trader, who appeared limp, unconscious, being thrown into her silver Acura, before driving off.

"He was dragging her. She wasn't moving or anything."

Robinson says the man was shrouded in a black hoodie wearing tan shorts.

Trader, at about 5'6",  brown hair, brown eyes  was living with her three children and cousin William, who says they were relaxing just a few hours earlier before she gave him a ride to work.

"This is not like her. She's known by everyone. She's usually at home with her kids.  She is known by everybody, for her to be gone this long is insane."

Police say so far, they have not received any tips or any leads.

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