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New Campaign Efforts Target Unique PA Demographic

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- There's a new effort to get Amish voters to the polls this fall. Ben Walters is on the fundraising counsel for the 2-month old AMISH PAC. The Virginia based political action committee is raising money for newspaper and billboards ads in Ohio and Pennsylvania prime locations for Amish voters.

"We believe more Amish votes on election day means more key swing state votes for the most conservative candidates," Walters said.

He said their efforts is focused on targeting a unique demographic.

"We're reaching people who are somewhat off the grid and they're not bombarded with political noise, so advertising to them is much more effective."

They've raised half of their 40,000-goal. However, Franklin & Marshall pollster Terry Madonna said the Amish population is so small, it may not make a difference come November.

"Their are only about 2,000 in this state," Madonna said.

He notes it's unclear whether the Amish values, honoring true Christians, modesty and success, would result in a vote for Donald Trump, but it could boost votes for other conservatives.

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