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New Bourbon 'Eau De Musc' Flavored By Beaver Secretion

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TAMWORTH, N.H. (CBS/AP) — If you like beavers and bourbon, this may just be the whiskey for you.

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A New Hampshire distillery has a new bourbon, Eau De Musc, flavored partly by the secretion from a beaver's castor sacs.

Tamworth Distilling says the secretion, called castoreum, has a history of being used as a flavoring and is on a small list of FDA ingredients called "generally recognized as safe."

The distillery says on its website castoreum "exhibits bright and fruit qualities (raspberry) and rich leathery notes along with creamy vanilla aroma," common among barrel-aged spirits.

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Other ingredients are raspberry, Canadian snakeroot, fir needles, birch bark (tar oil and regular oil) and maple syrup.

There is no word yet on how Punxsutawney Phil feels about all this.

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