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New Bill Works To Install Speed Cameras On Philly's Deadliest Road

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Philadelphia city officials are now trying get speed cameras installed along Roosevelt Boulevard. The road has long been considered one of the deadliest stretches in Philadelphia.

"This will provide needed enforcement and take away the need for our policemen to be worried about enforcing these laws with manpower," said Representative John Taylor who proposed House Bill 2233.

Taylor was joined by Councilman Al Taubenberger and other supporters of the legislation during a press conference Tuesday at Roosevelt Blvd and Adams Ave.

The speed cameras would be activated once drivers reach at least 11 mph over posted speed limits. The fine would be $150, though Rep. Taylor said the amount may be modified.

No points would be added to a driver's license.

Officials at Tuesday's press conference said between 2011-2015, 61 people have been killed in traffic accidents along Roosevelt Blvd.

Latonya Byrd's niece and her niece's three children are among those victims. They were killed three years ago when two men were speeding on Roosevelt near Rockland Street.

On Tuesday, Byrd said she supports the installation of the cameras and that each new death along the busy stretch opens old wounds.

"I feel sick to my stomach, when I get up, I get nervous , I just want to throw up, I get so upset and angry every time I hear of someone passing," Byrd said, adding "It's hurts, it really hurts, it's just still unbelievable."

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